Privacy Policy

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How do we collect and hold your personal information?

We generally collect your personal information directly from you, including when you use the boilingfrog website (including the Shop), or a boilingfrog app and when you use or create a profile on the LegalVitae website or the boilingfrog website. However, in some cases, we may receive your personal information from a third party (for instance if we receive a complaint relating to a legal practitioner) or when it is relevant to our statutory responsibilities (for instance other regulators or government entities who have dealt with you).

What are the purposes for which we collect and hold your personal information?

We collect and hold your personal information to:

fulfil our role as a professional association including:

  • maintaining membership records;
  • providing contact and general practising information to the public regarding legal practitioners including those with specialist accreditation.
  • allowing use of personal information in a controlled manner by entities distributing information relevant to members or legal practitioners.
  • analyse your interaction with our personal and electronic services. The information collected from you may be analysed individually and/or aggregated with the information relating to other members to produce statistical information. Insights from this process are used to select and optimise the information, services and advertising we provide to you .