The rule of law can be a confusing concept, so we’ve created a diagram that turns the idea into something more relatable but just as juicy.

A burger.

Like a burger, the rule of law is a deceptively simple phrase that squeezes a bunch of juicy concepts inside.

We all know how wrong things can go when a burger is assembled poorly or ingredients are left out. Sauce slops on your shirt, tomatoes slip out onto the floor.

Worse, if the pattie is not sized correctly, you will end up chomping down on disappointing mouthfuls of bun with no meat in between.

The rule of law also needs all its ingredients to work. It’s a delicate burg and comes from one of those hipster joints that might cost a little more, but is very much worth the extra dough you spend on it.

Follow our recipe for a well-balanced and seasoned rule of law.

If the rule of law was a burger, this is what it would look like. Click To Tweet