Terrorism is a relatively new concept.

Sure, history is chock-full of stories about people attacking each other since forever.

Cave men played tug-of-war over the best slices of meat from freshly slain bears and iron-clad warriors threw spears and clashed shields over land. Throughout the ages, men and women have battled fiercely over resources, different ideologies and family pecking orders.

The word “terrorism” only entered Australian law after September 11, 2001. Click To Tweet

But terrorism only became a criminal offence in Australia after two Boeing 767s smashed into the twin towers of New York’s World Trade Centre on 11 September 2001.

The horrific attack didn’t just irreparably change the city’s iconic landscape. It struck the heart of the mighty United States and, after that, not even its allies felt safe.

Australia passed its first anti-terror laws in 2002. Since then, the government has passed a whole lot more in a bid to keep the risk as low as possible.

Explore the slideshow below to see a snapshot of how these laws evolved.


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