There is a fable that says if you suddenly put a frog into boiling water, it will realise it is in danger and jump out. But if you put a frog into cool water and heat the water up gradually, the frog may stay in the water until it is boiled alive.

Here in Australia, we are a bunch of generally happy frogs. Most of the time the water stays cool, so we don’t often pay attention to laws being passed that could raise the temperature and restrict our rights and freedoms. We might stand up and make a fuss if the government tries to pass a law that takes all our rights away at once. But if the change comes incrementally, via a series of laws created in the name of national security, we might just drift on until we boil.

The Boiling Frog wants to inform and educate young people to leap out of the water when it’s getting hot. Things are heating up in this modern climate of terrorism and security fears, and our leaders are penning laws that could directly affect our freedoms in the future. Some of these laws might be essential – but some might overstep the mark. It’s a balancing act and we all need to throw our weight in to protect equality, freedom and fairness under the rule of law.

Who’s behind the Frog?

The Boiling Frog is powered by a dedicated team of journalists and editors within the Law Society of NSW. The Law Society recognises that knowledge is power – and that everyone should be able to access and share that knowledge.

No matter your background or where your political views lie, we welcome you to join the conversation and have your say on the future of the rule of law in Australia.

Our Editorial Board

Pauline Wright
2017 President of the Law Society of NSW

The Boiling Frog concept is the brainchild of Pauline Wright, 2017 President of the Law Society of NSW. Pauline is a lawyer of 32 years in NSW and is a fierce advocate for civil rights and the rule of law in Australia. During her presidency, she made it her mission to spread knowledge, support and engagement for the rule of law among young Australians.


Kate Allman

Kate Allman has a double degree in law and journalism and a knack for making complex legal issues seem deceptively simple, even entertaining. She has a penchant for puns (evidenced through her Twitter account) and writes for the pre-eminent legal magazine for professionals in NSW, LSJ. She has twice been named a top-five finalist for the Mumbrella Publish Awards’ Young Writer of the Year Award.


Claire Chaffey
Associate Editor

Claire Chaffey is an escaped lawyer, journalist, and the editor responsible for subjecting NSW lawyers to their monthly dose of LSJ, which was named Member Organisation Magazine of the Year at the 2017 Mumbrella Publish Awards.  She was named Business Editor of the Year at the 2016 edition of the same awards, and is the proud owner of an angry, not-that-cute British Blue cat called Crumpet.


Alys Martin

Alys Martin is a multi-award winning graphic designer and creative strategist.  With more than 15 years of publishing and media experience, she is passionate about the role design brings to the story-telling process. She loves French champagne, dislikes risotto and has a vinyl collection way cooler than yours.


Sophie Saville

Sophie Saville is a freelance videographer and photographer, and the creative director of SOSAVY Productions. She  creates savvy, online branded video content for local and international businesses to get audiences engaged and wanting more.


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